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1.Eat 5 walnuts and wait 4 hours: this is what will happen
Views: 48,243
Published: 7 months ago
2.Take the 3 juice colon cleanse and flush pounds of toxins from your body
Views: 3,803
Published: 4 months ago
3.The FDA is warning people not to use this dangerous antibiotic
Views: 3,450
Published: 7 months ago
4.How to protect yourself from toxic foods when the government won’t
Views: 2,585
Published: 6 months ago
5.9 amazing bread-less sandwich ideas that will make you drool
Views: 5,194
Published: 8 months ago
6.Monsanto is scrambling to bury this breaking story – don’t let this go unnoticed!
Views: 2,942
Published: 8 months ago
7.11 bizarre home remedies our grandparents used that actually work!
Views: 4,490
Published: 8 months ago
8.This is what sleeping on your left side can do for your brain, stomach and lymphatic system
Views: 5,020
Published: 9 months ago
9.This exercise is more efficient than 1000 crunches: do 60 seconds a day for a flat stomach
Views: 8,123
Published: 7 months ago
10.Cancer patient given 18 months to live is cured by cannabis oil
Views: 3,499
Published: 6 months ago
11.It’s finally discovered what causes lung cancer! you won’t believe it when you read what this is about!
Views: 11,575
Published: 7 months ago
12.10 best natural ingredients for healthy hair, gorgeous skin & strong nails
Views: 2,746
Published: 7 months ago
13.How to reset your circulation and metabolism for the next day with this 10-second reflexology trick
Views: 2,029
Published: 4 months ago
14.Cannabis oil(cbd) kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone
Views: 2,915
Published: 4 months ago
15.This is the most powerful natural antibiotic ever – kills all infections in the body!
Views: 2,853
Published: 7 months ago
16.Zika spraying enriches chemical companies while endangering public health
Views: 1,814
Published: 7 months ago
17.Health benefits of dates you may not know
Views: 5,049
Published: 7 months ago
18.7 easy stretches for better flexibility and complete lower back pain relief
Views: 2,214
Published: 8 months ago