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1.Eating 6 roasted garlic cloves will heal your body just in 24 hours
Views: 1,326
Published: 1 month ago
2.11 plants native americans used to cure everything (from joint pain to cancer)
Views: 1,223
Published: 1 month ago
3.Doctor from the philippines found a cure for diabetes!
Views: 1,276
Published: 1 month ago
4.Burzynski cancer cure finally released by the feds
Views: 1,569
Published: 1 month ago
5.9 things that happen to your body when you stop having sex
Views: 6,808
Published: 4 days ago
6.Cancer cells die in 42 days: this famous austrian’s juice cured over 45,000 people from cancer and other incurable diseases!
Views: 1,615
Published: 2 months ago
7.DIY fat-burning detox smoothie
Views: 1,261
Published: 1 month ago
8.Russian doctor claims your immune system can recover in only 15 seconds! here’s how!
Views: 1,816
Published: 1 month ago
9.8 simple tricks to improve your eyesight without laser surgery or glasses
Views: 461
Published: 3 months ago
10.Cannabis oil cures 3 year old boy of cancer after doctors gave him 48 hours to live
Views: 756
Published: 2 months ago
11.7 early warning signs of colon cancer most people miss!
Views: 3,816
Published: 1 month ago
12.Here is what'll happen to your body when you press this part of your foot everyday
Views: 607
Published: 3 hours ago
13.Costco is buying over a thousand acres of land for local farmers to grow organic produce
Views: 1,490
Published: 1 week ago
14.If you eat ginger every day for a month, you will notice some wonderful changes in your health
Views: 972
Published: 2 months ago
15.How to get clear, glowing, spotless skin by using aloe vera gel
Views: 1,100
Published: 1 month ago
16.Soak chia seeds to supercharge their metabolism, weight loss and inflammation-fighting like never before
Views: 1,408
Published: 4 days ago
17.Vitamin E deficiency is rampant — why you don’t want to be
Views: 2,312
Published: 1 week ago
18.This little weed is one of the most useful medicines on the planet
Views: 1,425
Published: 2 months ago