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Sleep is one of the most important things for our body to get rest and regain its strength. According to a study, women need more sleep than men, so the recommended sleeping time doesn’t vary only by age but also by gender. Continue reading...

1.Coconut oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells in only 2 days according to new study
Views: 2,958
Published: 11 months ago
2.Watch morgan freeman call out monsanto & the u.s. government for destroying the environment
Views: 2,508
Published: 9 months ago
3.4 early symptoms of ovarian cancer that every woman needs to know
Views: 3,591
Published: 8 months ago
4.Missing this vitamin from your diet increases your risk of frequent migraines by 50%
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Published: 7 months ago
5.10 Common Habits That Destroy Your Kidneys!
Views: 2,570
Published: 9 months ago
6.This common drink destroys your bones and is full of cancer-causing chemicals!
Views: 5,929
Published: 8 months ago
7.Health benefits of dates you may not know
Views: 5,163
Published: 9 months ago
8.4-year-old dies after eating this common spice
Views: 9,168
Published: 9 months ago
9.This is why you should sleep on your left side (backed by science)
Views: 2,811
Published: 6 months ago
10.2-ingredient homemade syrup for reversing cough and clearing phlegm from lungs
Views: 4,105
Published: 9 months ago
11.The top eight herbs you need to get rid of parasite infestation
Views: 1,692
Published: 1 year ago
12.2 handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of prozac!
Views: 2,023
Published: 6 months ago
13.This little known remedy is highly effective against allergies and back pain
Views: 1,844
Published: 8 months ago
14.Wi-fi: a silent killer that kills us slowly
Views: 4,943
Published: 1 year ago
15.This is how to use coconut oil and baking soda to look 10 years younger!
Views: 4,073
Published: 1 year ago
16.How to prevent or reduce jet lag
Views: 1,633
Published: 1 year ago
17.Improve liver, adrenal gland and kidney functions with activated charcoal
Views: 3,718
Published: 9 months ago
18.Simple and natural way to stop snoring that hardly anyone knows about, you should definitely try this!
Views: 3,421
Published: 1 year ago