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During a recent clinical trial, scientists found a possible link between retinoic acid, a compound produced in your body from vitamin A, and the inhibition of colon cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer worldwide. Continue reading...

1.How to eat your way to a healthier heart
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2.Coconut oil kills 93% of colon cancer cells in only 2 days according to new study
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6.Scientists and doctors confirmed: beetroot proven cures cancer, but here’s what is the secret
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7.It tightens the skin better than botox: this 3 ingredients face mask will make you look 10 years younger
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8.The best exercises for getting rid of that unwanted double chin & neck fat
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9.7 new anti-aging products that are made with superfoods
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10.Get rid of bad breath, plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria in your mouth with this one ingredient!
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11.5 scary things sitting does to your health
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12.10-year-old girl loses most of her hair after using this ‘natural’ beauty product!
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13.The remarkable health benefits of broccoli, and how to maximize its cancer-fighting potential
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14.Ladies, burn your bras immediately: this is what scientists discovered-unbelievable!
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15.This is the reason why they give gelatin to sick people in hospitals: when you find out the reason, you will be surprised
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16.Magnesium, not calcium, is the key to healthy bones
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17.Crunchy zucchini fritters with avocado dill dip (my favorite recipe)
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18.1 lemon peel trick to get rid of inflammation and chronic pain
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