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Coconut oil is high in natural saturated fats. Saturated fats not only increase the healthy cholesterol in your body but also help to convert the LDL bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. Continue reading...

1.Independent cancer researcher says she was threatened over apple seeds, her powerful response to the government and pharmaceutical industry
Views: 1,807
Published: 1 year ago
2.What you should be doing now to protect yourself from cell phone radiation
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Published: 7 months ago
3.Mix these 2 ingredients to remove pounds of toxins from your intestines!
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Published: 9 months ago
4.See what happens to your lungs when you take 3 drops of oregano oil with water
Views: 3,721
Published: 9 months ago
5.Candida albicans — how it may affect your health, and how to address it
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Published: 1 year ago
6.Exercise mitigates adverse health effects of alcohol
Views: 1,869
Published: 5 months ago
7.This is the real reason why wheat is making you sick!
Views: 1,507
Published: 1 year ago
8.10 tips to strengthen your knees and keep them healthy
Views: 7,711
Published: 9 months ago
9.Major recall: company admits this deadly poison is in their medication
Views: 2,293
Published: 1 year ago
10.Rub this on your face to remove acne & acne scars forever!
Views: 1,727
Published: 9 months ago
11.Falls are among the leading cause of injury and death for seniors
Views: 3,844
Published: 8 months ago
12.Autistic boy gains ability to speak after just 2 days of cannabis oil treatment
Views: 1,308
Published: 10 months ago
13.This over-the-counter drug is the #1 cause of acute liver failure!
Views: 4,173
Published: 1 year ago
14.10 best essential oils to fight wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging
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Published: 1 year ago
15.The best sunscreens and the toxic ones to avoid (is yours on the list?)
Views: 1,935
Published: 9 months ago
16.16 powerful reasons why you should eat more pineapples
Views: 3,914
Published: 8 months ago
17.Do you know why women in china don’t get breast cancer?
Views: 4,564
Published: 10 months ago
18.Dental fillings containing mercury now banned in european union
Views: 1,307
Published: 5 months ago