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Yep, it seems like a no brainer—a diet high in the white stuff (sugar and refined carbs) is linked to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, depression, and even cognitive problems—but kicking the habit isn't that simple. Continue reading...

1.Government admits that cancer charities are a scam run by one family
Views: 1,473
Published: 10 months ago
2.If you put a cotton ball with vaporub in your ear all night, here's the surprising effect
Views: 3,733
Published: 10 months ago
3.This is why you should drink baking soda & lemon water every day!
Views: 3,354
Published: 4 months ago
4.Do not consume microwave popcorn anymore! – they cause several diseases!
Views: 1,413
Published: 8 months ago
5.How to make bone broth to heal from all allergies and digestive disorders. old folks remedies work!!
Views: 434
Published: 6 months ago
6.5 simple exercises that will transform your body in just four weeks
Views: 6,170
Published: 5 months ago
7.Doctors have no explanation: combine 3 foods to return your vision and cleanse the fat from your liver
Views: 1,758
Published: 3 months ago
8.Cardiologist revealed an amazing diet: a safe way to lose 10kg in 7 days
Views: 1,760
Published: 3 months ago
9.Here’s how you can literally lose weight in your sleep
Views: 5,578
Published: 5 months ago
10.4 ancient japanese secrets for staying slim and healthy!
Views: 3,365
Published: 8 months ago
11.These 6 foods detox your liver fast!
Views: 5,436
Published: 5 months ago
12.Top 12 daily detox tips to keep you feeling great
Views: 1,942
Published: 8 months ago
13.Weight loss success story: "i lost 76 pounds"
Views: 2,383
Published: 7 months ago
14.How apple, ginger and lemon makes the most powerful colon cleanser, it’ll flush pounds of toxins from your body!
Views: 4,058
Published: 8 months ago
15.Hamburger chef jamie oliver proves mcdonald’s burgers “unfit for human consumption”
Views: 6,783
Published: 6 months ago
16.30 easy ways to lose weight naturally (backed by science)
Views: 6,612
Published: 4 months ago
17.Pineberry – the unique healthy fruit that tastes like pineapple
Views: 2,794
Published: 4 months ago
18.The most powerful way to reduce inflammation and slow aging
Views: 1,667
Published: 3 months ago