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When I meet with a new patient for the first time I always ask myself; “What is the root cause(s) of their condition?” I treat a wide variety of patients who each present with a unique medical history and a corresponding set of symptoms as a result. Could it be hidden yeast in food making my patients sick? Continue reading...

1.Massive 10-year study has linked diet soda to heart attacks and stroke
Views: 1,821
Published: 3 months ago
2.Every night before you go to bed drink this mixture: you will remove everything you have eaten during the day because this recipe melts fat for full 8 hours
Views: 40,220
Published: 1 month ago
3.The diseases connected to mercury fillings
Views: 2,453
Published: 1 month ago
4.The truth about cancer and essential oils: what no oncologist will tell you
Views: 2,167
Published: 4 months ago
5.15 minutes of walking a day can change your body!
Views: 3,563
Published: 1 month ago
6.10 useful body care tips and tricks you probably didn’t know about
Views: 4,241
Published: 4 days ago
7.Even doctors are stunned by this cure
Views: 4,448
Published: 1 month ago
8.Fat grams – how much fat should you eat per day?
Views: 1,246
Published: 1 month ago
9.Get rid of cockroaches forever with this trick!
Views: 1,834
Published: 1 month ago
10.Put apple cider vinegar Оn your face and see what happens Тo toxins, eczema Аnd age spots
Views: 3,971
Published: 3 months ago
11.Stick a piece of garlic on your skin and watch what happens…the results will amaze you!
Views: 3,824
Published: 3 months ago
12.US government admits: Americans have been overdosed on fluoride for decades
Views: 1,145
Published: 1 day ago
13.What aloe vera does in your body: why egyptians called it the plant of immortality
Views: 2,299
Published: 2 months ago
14.What happened is amazing after you sprayed your bed with alcohol
Views: 3,218
Published: 3 months ago
15.Inhaling this salt stops sinus infections, reduces mucus build up & helps you sleep!
Views: 1,553
Published: 1 week ago
16.Make a bee waterer and help hydrate our pollinators
Views: 1,814
Published: 1 month ago
17.Say no to roundup! make this 2-ingredient natural herbicide instead for your garden.
Views: 2,800
Published: 3 weeks ago
18.14 brands of fake olive oil you need to avoid!
Views: 4,804
Published: 3 months ago