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In America, the top 11 prescription drug manufacturers rake in a combined $85 billion annually. That staggering figure is thanks to the healthcare industry’s knack for keeping people on medications and out of the loop on natural, simple things that could heal them. Continue reading...

1.9 pesticide-filled teas you should never buy (and the kind you should!)
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2.This mouthwash removes plaque from teeth in 2 minutes
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3.Turmeric fights inflammation and cancer: here is how much you should take and how often
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4.This is what apple cider vinegar does for a sinus infection!
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5.Fluoride in your drinking water making you look older?
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6.Scientists have developed eye drops that can melt away cataracts
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7.10 biggest weight loss mistakes you should avoid
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8.The adhd scam: the ‘fictitious disease’ called adhd
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9.10 foods you should never eat if you want to lose weight
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10.How to make the ultimate inflammation fighting dipping sauce out of turmeric and coconut oil
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11.Scientists discover root that can kill 98% of cancer cells in only 48 hours
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12.The diet that starves cancer, reverses diabetes, and makes you lose weight fast
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13.How to lose 15 pounds in 15 days eating this “cucumber diet”
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14.Pediatrician shows how to calm a screaming baby in just a few seconds
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15.Home remedies for yellow teeth
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16.Your body is acidic. here’s what you need to do (the real truth behind cancer…)
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17.Fake olive oil companies revealed – stop buying these brands now!
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18.Double chocolate coconut cake: refined sugar and dairy free, raw and no baking required
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