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Black cumin seed oil inhibits cancer cell activity and can even kill some types of cancer cells. Scientific research has shown that black seed oil (Nigella sativa) is an effective treatment for cancer in animal studies, and can be as effective as anti-cancer drugs for some types of cancer. Continue reading...

1.Don’t brush your teeth with toxins: here’s the carcinogenic ingredient in toothpaste that you should know about
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2.This drink will stop your migraine headache within minutes
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3.Omega-3s may improve healing after a heart attack
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5.14 reasons why you should drink lemon water first thing in the morning
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6.14 home remedies for arthritis & joint pain
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7.Say goodbye to vertigo, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems and much more!
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8.If you eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days, this is what happens to your body
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9.5 anti-aging secrets for your mitochondria
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10.Top 16 drugs that cause kidney damage: please share for awareness
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11.They said microwaves were bad for you, but this is what they didn't tell you
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12.Study proves microwave radiation directly affects your heart – why you need to ditch your microwave oven
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13.10 warning signs that your body is lacking water
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14.No added sugar, no grains, easy and amazing paleo banana bread
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15.Coca-cola stops production after they find this in their cans!
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16.This over-the-counter drug is the #1 cause of acute liver failure!
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17.The black healing salve that amish people have used for centuries to treat almost any skin problem
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18.You have only 10 seconds: this is how you will save your life in case of heart attack!
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