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While there are a variety of home remedies to help treat a sore throat, for me this is when herbal medicine is at its finest! Continue reading...

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2.The ultimate ginger-turmeric-carrot juice to replace your pain and inflammation meds
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6.Why you should massage your feet before going to bed
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7.9 pesticide-filled teas you should never buy (and the kind you should!)
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8.Physical exercise four hours after learning improves long-term memory, study shows
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9.It will look and younger and brighter: here’s how to naturally lighten the color of the skin in just 3 days!
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10.8 foods that will help you look 10 years younger
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11.Clean your colon in two weeks. this recipe helps you in removing 8 kg of waste from your body
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12.Avoid fleas and ticks forever with this natural remedy!
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13.Restore your gray hair back to its natural color
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14.Prescription painkiller tramadol ‘claiming more lives than any other drug’
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15.8 ways your body is telling you you’re going to have a stroke —the hidden symptoms everyone should know
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16.It’s incredible: put this in your navel and get rid of cough, cold, abdominal and menstrual pain
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18.8 easy yoga poses to ease pain and inflammation from arthritis
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