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While there are a variety of home remedies to help treat a sore throat, for me this is when herbal medicine is at its finest! Continue reading...

1.There is only one plant that can save your liver and your life
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2.This diet kills cancer, improves mental health & promotes weight loss!
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3.The fat facts: butter vs margarine
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4.15 minutes of walking a day can change your body!
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5.The best and worst salad toppings, according to nutritionists
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6.This bath pulls toxins out of the body; improves muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow
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7.Home remedies for glaucoma
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8.12 healthy houseplants that improve your indoor air quality
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9.Scarlet fever is back and every parent needs to watch out for these warning signs
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10.I’m 50 years old and this drink helped me eliminate knee and joint pain in just 5 days!
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11.10 signs and symptoms of iron deficiency
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12.The secret to relieving back pain is in your feet! do these 5 exercises in just 20 minutes.
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13.Just half a teaspoon of turmeric every day and these 10 things will happen to your body
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14.16 signs which are warning you that your liver is overloaded with toxins that make you fat!
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15.10 freaky ingredients found in mcdonald’s food that might just be unfit for human consumption
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16.Prescription painkiller tramadol ‘claiming more lives than any other drug’
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17.Smokers should know this! these foods can cleanse the nicotine in your body
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18.Monsanto’s secret is out: glyphosate is in your food
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