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Starting the day with a high carbohydrate breakfast will elevate blood sugar which comes with a corresponding dip in blood sugar. Continue reading...

1.These 4 herbs can protect your brain from alzheimer’s, depression, anxiety and much more
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7.Excess weight, bloating, fatigue?with the consummation of this incredible simple drink though the day you will have amazing weight loss results. you will lose up to 3 pounds in 2 days.
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8.15 things every woman should have & know by the time she’s 30
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9.How to eat your way to a healthier heart
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10.Brazil about to refuse all imports of US grown genetically-modified crops
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11.Organic ways to remove dark spots
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12.Ginger water for rapid weight loss – the healthiest drink that melts fat!
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13.How to boost your human growth hormone levels naturally
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14.8 drinks to make before bed to detox your liver and burn fat all night long
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15.Johnson & Johnson hid talcum powder link to ovarian cancer for 40 years
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18.This popular moisturizer applied to mice for 17 weeks got 69% more tumors
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