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The balance of the pH levels in the body is of high importance for every human being, not only for cancer patients. The overall health is significantly affected by it, and in order to stay healthy, you need to maintain an alkaline environment in the body. Continue reading...

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3.Toxins stored in your fat cells make you fatigued and swollen. here’s how to cleanse them.
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5.Colorado is using $3 million from marijuana tax to provide food and housing for the homeless
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7.If you want to lose weight quickly and easily, prepare this drink in only 2 minutes are surprising results
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8.Want to quit smoking? - this herb destroys the desire for nicotine (and how to grow it)
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9.Remove uric acid from your body and reduce joint pain with this excellent juice!
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10.How to put coconut oil in your hair to stop it from going gray, thinning or falling out
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11.Less than 1% of children in France are treated with ADHD meds. Here’s why!
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12.An all-natural remedy that can replace painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications
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13.Best foods for boosting brain power
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16.How many eggs is it really safe to eat per week?
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17.12 ways your body tries to tell you that your liver is being damaged
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18.10 things you probably didn’t know about your vagina
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