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Many of us use medication as a quick fix so we can return to our old and unhealthy ways. Continue reading...

1.7 essential oils that balance hormones & how to use them
Views: 1,778
Published: 10 months ago
2.Scientists in amsterdam destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo
Views: 2,452
Published: 9 months ago
3.Want to clear mucus from your lungs and give an instant boost to your immune system? try this!
Views: 8,661
Published: 10 months ago
4.Popular drink destroys woman's liver! do you drink it?
Views: 5,320
Published: 8 months ago
5.Wheatgrass turns gray hair back to its natural color!
Views: 1,760
Published: 1 year ago
6.This vitamin could prevent 90% of breast cancer cases!
Views: 2,449
Published: 1 year ago
7.How to make lavender lemonade to help relieve headaches and anxiety
Views: 1,728
Published: 10 months ago
8.2-ingredient homemade syrup for reversing cough and clearing phlegm from lungs
Views: 4,105
Published: 9 months ago
9.Alzheimer’s patients have almost immediate brain improvements after eating 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, study shows
Views: 2,946
Published: 9 months ago
10.Do you know what will happen if you take ½ tablespoons of baking soda every day?
Views: 4,221
Published: 11 months ago
11.Complete 3 day detox that will cleanse your body from sugar, help you lose weight
Views: 4,568
Published: 10 months ago
12.Why you should brush with sea salt and baking soda
Views: 3,089
Published: 10 months ago
13.This fruit treats insomnia better than prescription medication!
Views: 2,345
Published: 1 year ago
14.Every sip of this 3-ingredient tea clears your lungs of mucus, toxins and inflammation
Views: 3,070
Published: 7 months ago
15.Kill sinus infection in 20 seconds with this simple method and this common household ingredient!
Views: 10,052
Published: 10 months ago
16.This common food destroys your bones from the inside but everyone drinks it every day!
Views: 3,884
Published: 1 year ago
17.How exercise changes your brain, boosts your memory and helps you think better
Views: 1,989
Published: 7 months ago
18.This is why you absolutely must ditch your non-stick cookware this year
Views: 2,838
Published: 6 months ago