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Inflammation has become an absolute epidemic. Sure, at its most basic, it's our body's response to outside irritants, a natural part of our immune system without which our wounds wouldn't heal. Continue reading...

1.Every single person who has cancer has a ph that is too acidic. here is the easiest way to check your ph balance
Views: 3,972
Published: 3 months ago
2.How to find out what’s making your stomach hurt using this ‘belly map’
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3.Stop using teflon cookware – here’s why
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4.Top six alkaline foods to eat every day for vibrant health
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5.After watching this video you will never eat instant noodles again
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Published: 4 months ago
6.You need to flush toxins from your body if you see these warning signs
Views: 2,677
Published: 3 months ago
7.20 ways to sleep better every night
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Published: 7 months ago
8.Scientists discover this oil destroys 90% of colon cancer cells in 2 days!
Views: 4,041
Published: 7 months ago
9.Here's what drinking ginger tea in the morning can do for you. this is amazing!
Views: 4,175
Published: 5 months ago
10.The biggest cover-up in the history of cancer
Views: 2,920
Published: 5 months ago
11.This poison destroys your bones but millions drinks it daily!
Views: 5,440
Published: 5 months ago
12.There may be a better way to sleep, but almost no one even tries it
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13.This plant kills fourteen types of cancer and thirteen different infections!
Views: 2,188
Published: 7 months ago
14.Cut a few lemons and place them on the bedside in your bedroom – here’s why!
Views: 4,786
Published: 6 months ago
15.10 science-backed things that will make you happy
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16.“i wouldn’t feed this stuff to a dying animal” – terminal hospice patient exposes truth about ensure nutrition drinks
Views: 6,707
Published: 3 months ago
17.You can fight and cure arthritis with these natural herbs and oils
Views: 1,734
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18.Magnesium deficiencies are killing us. here’s what to do about it
Views: 3,595
Published: 3 months ago