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If someone told you that one factor is associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity in developed nations, would you believe it?

You should, because it’s true. Inflammation is a common link between all of these diseases and it is also linked to cognitive function. Continue reading...

1.This tea heals fibromyalgia, hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis and more.
Views: 1,973
Published: 3 weeks ago
2.Stop the sagging of your breasts just by doing this
Views: 711
Published: 3 months ago
3.If you drink warm water on an empty stomach, here's what'll happen to your body!
Views: 1,598
Published: 2 months ago
4.How to stop a heart attack in 1 minute
Views: 2,025
Published: 4 weeks ago
5.How to clean your feet with baking soda? it’s very easy. try this, the results are incredible!
Views: 110
Published: 1 month ago
6.She was drinking warm turmeric water every morning for 12 months, and then the this happened
Views: 5,600
Published: 3 weeks ago
7.7 early warning signs of colon cancer most people miss!
Views: 3,806
Published: 1 month ago
8.Breaking: report finds cancer deaths have doubled in argentina’s gmo growing regions
Views: 696
Published: 1 month ago
9.Shot of inspiration — superstar seniors exercise well into their golden years
Views: 976
Published: 3 weeks ago
10.Elderly man with terminal cancer walks out of hospice after treatment with cannabis oil
Views: 237
Published: 3 months ago
11.Top 16 drugs that cause kidney damage: please share for awareness
Views: 2,390
Published: 1 month ago
12.You need to flush toxins from your body if you see these warning signs
Views: 1,785
Published: 1 month ago
13.Pineberry – the unique healthy fruit that tastes like pineapple
Views: 866
Published: 4 weeks ago
14.Press this point on your belly to remove pounds of toxins from your colon!
Views: 5,551
Published: 3 weeks ago
15.Excess weight, bloating, fatigue?with the consummation of this incredible simple drink though the day you will have amazing weight loss results. you will lose up to 3 pounds in 2 days.
Views: 203
Published: 3 months ago
16.This stretch stops back pain in 2 minutes!
Views: 2,859
Published: 2 months ago
17.How to make lavender lemonade to get rid of headaches and anxiety
Views: 783
Published: 17 hours ago
18.This ancient remedy “cures all diseases” hiv, aids, diabetes, cancer, stroke, stds, arthritis & more …
Views: 2,647
Published: 1 month ago