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Antibiotic-resistant disease has become a serious public health threat, and the evidence shows the routine use of antibiotics in food animals such as cows and chickens plays a major role in the development and spread of these drug-resistant bacteria. Continue reading...

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2.Would a 20% tax on soda help you kick the habit?
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6.Best herbs to help with insomnia
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7.Remedy for pain in the knees, bones and joints! the recipe is going crazy in the world!
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9.12 healthy houseplants that improve your indoor air quality
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13.The oil that has the potential to cure migraines, depression, anxiety, & even cancer
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14.Superfoods that destroy inflammation in your brain
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16.Transgenic wars — how gmos impact livestock and human health around the globe
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18.Turmeric and honey together make a powerful natural antibiotic
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