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Nearly 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics, of which only an estimated 10 percent have been evaluated for safety. Many do not realize that cosmetics can be brought to market without having to undergo an approval process. Continue reading...

1.Detoxify your body immediately if you notice any of these 8 warning signs
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2.This is why you should never kill house centipedes
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3.The oldest man in the world 256 years breaks the silence before his death and reveals its secret to the world
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4.The spin on aspartame
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6.Cancer patient given 18 months to live is cured by cannabis oil
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7.Do you know why women in china don’t get breast cancer?
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8.Make a bee waterer and help hydrate our pollinators
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9.It’s the most powerful antioxidant and it will cleance your arteries from ldl cholesterol
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10.Stop giving fluoride toothpaste to children
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11.9 things that will happen when you eat black-spotted bananas
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12.Entire family dies after young woman makes a simple mistake in the kitchen
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13.How this doctor cured her own multiple sclerosis and went from wheelchair to riding a bike in just one year
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14.The oil that has the potential to cure migraines, depression, anxiety, & even cancer
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15.3 nutrients nobody talks about that could save you from a deadly heart attack
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16.Elderly man with terminal cancer walks out of hospice after treatment with cannabis oil
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17.Warning! these 5 snacks are made out of petroleum-based, cancer-causing chemicals!
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18.101 apple cider vinegar use for any ailments that will change your life
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