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Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is a group of fat-soluble secosteroids that have widespread actions throughout the body. Continue reading...

1.Believe it or not, use frozen lemons and say goodbye to diabetes, tumors, obesity!
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2.In just 7 days the complete restoration of bones, tendons, joints and totally eliminate the pain
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4.4 hidden dangers of alcohol consumption everyone ignores
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6.10 detox benefits of cauliflower that might surprise you
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7.She turned 2 simple ingredients into a cure for cancer, then the government shut her down
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8.Why headaches, fatigue, bad breath and joint pain are all signs your liver is in toxic overload
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9.Turns out everyone was wrong about saturated fats
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10.Woman with rare disease begs her mother to let her die, but something incredible happens
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11.How one woman lost 40 pounds of fat and saved her life
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12.The 16 best foods to eat when you’re seriously hungry
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13.Conditions shown to benefit from a ketogenic diet
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14.This nutrient treats anxiety without the nasty side effects!
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15.Simple diy three-ingredient solution to rid your home of ants
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16.This is why you should stop eating nutella!
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17.Genetically modified human beings could exist by 2017, researchers raise concerns
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18.The throat-soothing herbal cough drops that every mom needs to have in her purse
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