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There are a lot of diets out there but few are effective. That’s why the lemon diet has become so popular, it’s simple and effective, but can be a bit challenging for some. You need to start every morning with a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach. Continue reading...

1.Activate lemon’s hidden cancer and inflammation fighting powers by freezing them like this
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5.It’s the most powerful antioxidant and it will cleance your arteries from ldl cholesterol
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6.This is the most healing salt in the world, it can treat over 20 diseases!
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7.India has just planted 50 million trees! here's why!
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8.The oldest man in the world 256 years breaks the silence before his death and reveals its secret to the world
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9.More than 70 uses for everyday items that make you healthy and save money too
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10.Do you have a lump on your neck, back or behind your ear? here is what you need to know!
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11.This toothpaste can cause cancer, disrupt thyroid hormones and poisons your body
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12.Colorado is using $3 million from marijuana tax to provide food and housing for the homeless
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13.10 ‘eerie’ symptoms which indicate that you had a silent stroke and that another one will soon follow
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16.Controversial stem cell therapy restores movement for paralyzed man
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17.Take this 2 times a day and lose weight without exercising
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18.Ladies, burn your bras immediately: this is what scientists discovered-unbelievable!
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