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Today two thirds of the United States add fluoride in water. Added to water, fluoride, appears to cause more problems than it solves, according to many researchers. Continue reading...

1.What happens to your body in just 24 hours after you eat 6 roasted garlic cloves
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2.Natural recipe for removing uric acid from your joints!
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3.Eating fruit on empty stomach
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4.Forget the silicones: six plants that cause breasts growth!
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5.Massive recall issued for contaminated canned tuna!
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6.For this reason you should never keep eggs in the refrigerator. your health is in danger
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7.14 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind
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8.Massive 10-year study has linked diet soda to heart attacks and stroke
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9.How apple, ginger and lemon makes the most powerful colon cleanser, it’ll flush pounds of toxins from your body!
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10.Ginger-garlic soup made with over 20 clovers of garlic defeats colds and flus
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11.This is the ultimate remedy for better vision! take it before sleeping and in the morning you’ll have 80% of your vision restored! you’ll throw away your glasses really quickly! try this recipe before the pharmacists erase it from the internet!
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12.Juicing may be the answer to many of your chronic health problems
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13.How to get your baby to sleep all night
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14.Warning! these 5 snacks are made out of petroleum-based, cancer-causing chemicals!
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17.This is what happens to belly fat and blood sugar when you eat 2 tbsp of coconut oil
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18.Drop toxic sanitizers! they cause the skin to absorb 10 times more of the hormone disrupting bpa here is how to make the most effective hand sanitizer
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