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Cancer is a trillion dollar industry with experts boldly proclaiming that the cut, burn and poison treatments of Chemotherapy and radiation routinely save lives. Continue reading...

1.How to use honey to heal leg ulcers, bed sores, burns, cuts and wounds
Views: 2,754
Published: 7 months ago
2.What you should be doing now to protect yourself from cell phone radiation
Views: 1,612
Published: 6 months ago
3.Magnesium deficiencies are killing us. here’s what to do about it
Views: 3,800
Published: 6 months ago
4.How to get your baby to sleep all night
Views: 1,468
Published: 10 months ago
5.Ditch the toxic sunscreen; use coconut oil instead
Views: 3,260
Published: 8 months ago
6.10 dangerous side effects of not getting enough sleep
Views: 2,294
Published: 6 months ago
7.The alkaline diet info every cancer patient needs to know immediately
Views: 2,747
Published: 6 months ago
8.This is what the shape of your butt says about your health
Views: 7,558
Published: 5 months ago
9.12 plants that create positive energy in your home!
Views: 3,025
Published: 4 months ago
10.They said coconut oil was great for you, but this is what they didn’t tell you
Views: 13,509
Published: 6 months ago
11.Simple fix for vertigo (video with instructions)
Views: 6,977
Published: 6 months ago
12.The household spice that destroys cancer cells, helps rebuild the gut and prevent heart attacks
Views: 3,813
Published: 7 months ago
13.Why you should avoid ingrown toenails and how to prevent them from developing
Views: 5,267
Published: 8 months ago
14.Detoxify your body immediately if you notice any of these 9 warning signs
Views: 3,013
Published: 10 months ago
15.Vaccine detox recipes for children and adults. remove heavy metals and other vaccine toxins
Views: 1,384
Published: 5 months ago
16.2 drops of this essential oil + apple cider vinegar will reduce body fat, clear sinuses, get rid of acne, rash, heartburn
Views: 2,063
Published: 8 months ago
17.Make belly fat disappear in just 10 days with this water recipe
Views: 1,208
Published: 5 months ago
18.I am 60 years old and this plant returned my vision, removed fat from my liver and completely cleaned my colon
Views: 7,849
Published: 7 months ago