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Many people find themselves awake in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. This often causes them to worry about how tired they will be in the morning. However, worrying is worse than the actual waking. Continue reading...

1.How to make turmeric pain relief tea
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Published: 8 months ago
2.Would a 20% tax on soda help you kick the habit?
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3.Warming cinnamon fig winter smoothie
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4.11 plants native americans used to cure everything (from joint pain to cancer)
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6.Why restricting your eating time period to 8 hours will transform your health & fitness
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7.Here’s how you can literally lose weight in your sleep
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8.This plant compound reverses copd damage in lungs, according to research
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9.This type of raw honey kills every kind of bacteria scientists could throw at it (even the superbugs!)
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10.Cancer cure: these 4 plants kill 75% of cancer cells and are much more effective than other cancer treatments
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11.They never get sick, don’t know about cancer and live up to 100 years, this is their secret!
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12.How to make your own yogurt at home!
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13.The alkaline diet info every cancer patient needs to read immediately
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14.5 exercises to undo the spinal damage caused by a lifetime of sitting
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15.5 chair exercises that will reduce your belly fat while you sit
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16.A 4-minute workout that is worth an hour at the gym
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17.90 % of breast and thyroid cancer can be prevented with this one mineral
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18.Does your heel hurt in the morning or whenever you stand up? here's what you need to know!
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