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Most of us start and end our day with brushing our teeth. But have you ever wondered whether the toothpaste you use every day is actually good for your health? Continue reading...

1.Mom says this diet cured her son’s autism
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2.She sprinkles baking soda all over the bed. the reason will amaze you!
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3.9 things that happen to your body when you stop having sex
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4.Stop buying avocados. here’s how to grow an avocado tree in a small pot at home!
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5.8 simple tricks to improve your eyesight without laser surgery or glasses
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6.How to cleanse your coronary arteries with only 3 ingredients
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7.Once you learn this you will never throw away this part of the banana again!
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8.A magical cure for insomnia you can find in your pantry
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9.Listening to this song reduces your anxiety by 65%
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10.Here’s how to use lemon to get rid of knee pain at home
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11.New study shows ginger is 10,000x stronger than chemo (and only kills cancer cells)
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12.See what happens inside your body when you eat ramen noodles
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13.This plant is everywhere, but you had no idea it can treat tumors, diabetes and high blood pressure!
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14.Pineapple diet to lose five kilos in three days
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15.10 awesome body hacks that will change your life
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16.10 foods made in china you must avoid (filled with plastic, pesticides and cancer causing chemicals)
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17.Want to quit smoking? this herb instantly destroys your desire for nicotine (and how to grow it)
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18.10 morning rituals to supercharge your mind, body and metabolism in 5 minutes
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