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Here are 2 easy recipes for homemade cough syrup prepared from ginger, honey, lemon and glycerin. Continue reading...

1.This stomach vacuum exercise is the easiest way to get a thinner waist and flat abs
Views: 4,516
Published: 9 months ago
2.1991 government document confirms tdap vaccine causes microcephaly
Views: 2,409
Published: 11 months ago
3.The gynecologist won’t tell you this because you can’t buy it: destroys fungi, bacteria and odor. the best things is that you’ve got it at home
Views: 9,908
Published: 1 year ago
4.A terrific banana drink that will burn stomach fat immediately
Views: 8,928
Published: 9 months ago
5.5 simple exercises that will transform your body in just four weeks
Views: 6,430
Published: 9 months ago
6.Red bull: a highly toxic, cancer causing drink
Views: 2,144
Published: 10 months ago
7.Get rid of bad breath, plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria in your mouth with this one ingredient!
Views: 10,841
Published: 9 months ago
8.This popular cooking oil is officially an EPA registered pesticide, yet many people are using it daily!
Views: 8,566
Published: 10 months ago
9.This popular moisturizer applied to mice for 17 weeks got 69% more tumors
Views: 4,371
Published: 7 months ago
10.Maryland to become first state in u.s. to ban bee-killing pesticides!
Views: 2,836
Published: 7 months ago
11.5-ingredient anti-inflammatory sweet potato brownies with almond butter, cocoa and maple syrup
Views: 2,264
Published: 1 year ago
12.This plant is everywhere, but you had no idea it can treat tumors, diabetes and high blood pressure!
Views: 2,767
Published: 1 year ago
13.25 foods dentists won't eat
Views: 2,602
Published: 9 months ago
14.9 exercises to burn abdominal fat in 14 days
Views: 5,414
Published: 9 months ago
15.They never get sick, don’t know about cancer and live up to 100 years, this is their secret!
Views: 4,592
Published: 8 months ago
16.101 apple cider vinegar use for any ailments that will change your life
Views: 4,156
Published: 9 months ago
17.The dangers of nightshades: why eating the wrong fruits and vegetables can make pain worse
Views: 2,296
Published: 1 year ago
18.This is what happens to your lungs, lungs, and air when you diffuse essential oils
Views: 3,569
Published: 9 months ago