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The weather is unpredictable and you never know when you’ll catch that nasty bug going around the office or at home. Continue reading...

1.5 things in your bathroom you didn’t know are linked to cancer and brain damage
Views: 2,676
Published: 9 months ago
2.How to make alkaline water to fight fatigue, digestive issues and cancer (recipe)
Views: 1,283
Published: 6 months ago
3.Merck’s former doctor predicts gardasil to become the greatest medical scandal of all time
Views: 3,276
Published: 9 months ago
4.Lemon and baking soda: a miraculous cancer-fighting combination
Views: 4,409
Published: 8 months ago
5.Say no to roundup! make this 2-ingredient natural herbicide instead for your garden.
Views: 3,445
Published: 9 months ago
6.This is the reason why they give gelatin to sick people in hospitals: when you find out the reason, you will be surprised
Views: 6,982
Published: 11 months ago
7.This is the absolute best way to wean yourself off sugar
Views: 2,575
Published: 11 months ago
8.How to make chocolate cake with avocado instead of eggs and butter
Views: 2,673
Published: 1 year ago
9.Remove these 6 foods to fight inflammation!
Views: 9,422
Published: 7 months ago
10.This is why people are starting to add turmeric and coconut oil to their morning coffee
Views: 2,902
Published: 8 months ago
11.The painkilling cream recipe that anyone with stiff joints or sore muscles needs to try
Views: 3,070
Published: 10 months ago
12.9 amazing bread-less sandwich ideas that will make you drool
Views: 5,256
Published: 9 months ago
13.Tomato extract: better and safer blood thinner than aspirin
Views: 2,081
Published: 7 months ago
14.9 tried-and-true natural home remedies to treat chickenpox
Views: 1,159
Published: 9 months ago
15.This popular cooking oil is officially an EPA registered pesticide, yet many people are using it daily!
Views: 8,499
Published: 9 months ago
16.If your kidney is in danger, the body will give you these 7 signs!
Views: 3,252
Published: 5 months ago
17.Scientists in amsterdam just destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo
Views: 4,386
Published: 8 months ago
18.It really works! the best natural remedy for aching backs and joints
Views: 1,804
Published: 9 months ago