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Chronic stress is one of the biggest causes of illness in America today. In fact, many integrative healthcare providers point to stress as the number one reason for disease. Continue reading...

1.12 plants that create positive energy in your home!
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Published: 3 weeks ago
2.Adding this vitamin to your diet lowers your risk of frequent migraines by 50%
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3.Dental fillings containing mercury now banned in european union
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4.DIY homemade shaving cream for smooth shaving
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5.Never eat these 4 foods before bed!
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6.India has just planted 50 million trees! here's why!
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7.5 essential oils that stop depression & insomnia
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8.Study finds that women need more sleep because their brains work harder
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9.This is the incredible effect when you put a clothes pin on your earlobe for 5 seconds!
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10.Candida albicans — how it may affect your health, and how to address it
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11.5 bad habits that make thyroid problems worse
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12.Costco is buying over a thousand acres of land for local farmers to grow organic produce
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13.Ladies, burn your bras immediately: this is what scientists discovered-unbelievable!
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14.Take the 3 juice colon cleanse and flush pounds of toxins from your body
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15.Here is a way how to remove all harmful toxins from your body naturally!
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16.10 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind
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17.Unbelievable! castor oil and baking soda can treat more than 24 health problems
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18.8 prominent symptoms of kidney failure, consult your doctor if you observe any of these.
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