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If you have a dog, fleas are probably your worst nightmare. Commercial flea treatments are loaded with dangerous chemicals which may cause various adverse effects. Continue reading...

1.Stop buying avocados. here’s how to grow an avocado tree in a small pot at home!
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9.Scientifically confirmed: turmeric is more effective than these 14 prescription drugs
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10.7 foods that defeat lethargy & boost your energy!
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11.Nearly half of american adults are pre-diabetic or diabetic
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12.Want to quit smoking? - this herb destroys the desire for nicotine (and how to grow it)
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17.“it just doesn’t seem right” michigan farmer forced to dump 40,000 pounds of cherries to make way for import crops
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18.How to naturally cure skin tags, moles, warts, blackheads, and age spots
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