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People who suffer from arthritis know how life can be tough living with the pain and its sudden flare ups. When it attacks the knees or hips, arthritis can impair and even limit a victim’s movements, cause debilitating pain with minimal relief from rest. Continue reading...

1.Preemie baby was too small and dying quickly, so doctor made bizarre decision that saved her life.
Views: 709
Published: 1 week ago
2.Man with “terminal” lung cancer cures himself with cannabis oil
Views: 2,209
Published: 2 weeks ago
3.This toothpaste can cause cancer, disrupt thyroid hormones and poisons your body
Views: 2,847
Published: 4 months ago
4.90 % of breast and thyroid cancer can be prevented with this one mineral
Views: 3,166
Published: 3 months ago
5.New study shows ginger is 10,000x stronger than chemo (and only kills cancer cells)
Views: 3,725
Published: 3 months ago
6.4 mentally damaging things we say to kids all the time
Views: 4,718
Published: 5 months ago
7.The black healing salve that amish people have used for centuries to treat almost any skin problem
Views: 1,618
Published: 2 months ago
8.10 most effective home remedies for gout
Views: 4,387
Published: 3 months ago
9.Activate lemon’s hidden cancer and inflammation fighting powers by freezing them like this
Views: 5,183
Published: 2 months ago
10.Every sip of this 3-ingredient tea clears your lungs of mucus, toxins and inflammation
Views: 2,577
Published: 4 days ago
11.Avocado 101: nutrition facts and health benefits
Views: 1,797
Published: 1 month ago
12.A genius trick to keep ticks from biting you
Views: 9,289
Published: 1 month ago
13.This is how many hours of sleep you need to defeat depression
Views: 2,448
Published: 1 week ago
14.7 remedies that remove hemorrhoids fast!
Views: 6,999
Published: 1 month ago
15.How to reset your thyroid to burn fat and activate your metabolism
Views: 3,322
Published: 6 months ago
16.92 alkaline foods that fight cancer, inflammation, diabetes and heart disease
Views: 1,923
Published: 4 months ago
17.How to naturally cure skin tags, moles, warts, blackheads, and age spots
Views: 3,343
Published: 6 months ago
18.This plant kills lyme disease better than antibiotics, according to research
Views: 3,011
Published: 2 months ago