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People who suffer from arthritis know how life can be tough living with the pain and its sudden flare ups. When it attacks the knees or hips, arthritis can impair and even limit a victim’s movements, cause debilitating pain with minimal relief from rest. Continue reading...

1.5 surprising health and beauty benefits of turmeric
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2.60 small ways to improve your life in the next 100 days
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3.Take this mixture before sleeping and removes all fat in your body! you will lose at least 5 kg!
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5.Reasons why your legs cramp up at night and how to fix it
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7.7 disease-fighting plants you need to be eating
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8.DIY homemade natural toothpaste to keep your teeth and gums healthy
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9.Quaker oats is being sued for cancer-causing pesticide found in their oatmeal
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10.Moringa – the herb that kills cancer and stops diabetes
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11.The painkilling cream recipe that anyone with stiff joints or sore muscles needs to try
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12.5 signs your heart isn’t working as well as it should
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13.Autistic boy gains ability to speak after just 2 days of cannabis oil treatment
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14.Scientists in amsterdam just destroyed breast cancer tumors in 11 days without chemo
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17.4 ways to hack your next flight – even if you travel economy
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