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There’s nothing more debilitating than a headache in the middle of the work day. It can make your whole day slip away by making it hard to focus and perform simple tasks. Unfortunately, it’s an incredibly common condition. Continue reading...

1.7 home remedies for corns on toes
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2.This is what happens to your body when you quit eating sugar
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3.They never get sick, don’t know about cancer and live up to 100 years, this is their secret!
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4.Mold illness is everywhere: what it is and 11 signs you have it
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5.Denmark intends to be the world’s first 100% organic nation read more: http://www.trueactivist.com/denmark-intends-to-be-the-worlds-first-100-organic-nation/
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6.This is why you should sleep with a weighted blanket!
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7.9 things that happen to your body when you stop having sex
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8.20 ways to sleep better every night
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9.4 ways to hack your next flight – even if you travel economy
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10.I’m 50 years old and this drink helped me eliminate knee and joint pain in just 5 days!
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11.The cancer, dies when you eat these 15 foods, time to start eating them
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12.Doctors are urging you to stop feeding your children hot dogs. here’s why!
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13.20 extraordinary household uses for baking soda
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14.12 tricks to stay awake and alert without coffee
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15.NASA confirms: people are capable of super human abilities using these ancient techniques!
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16.Avocado 101: nutrition facts and health benefits
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17.How to prepare alkaline water that kills cancer cells
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18.The dirty underbelly of the dairy industry
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