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Milk was once lauded as "nature's perfect food," E. Melanie Dupuis explains in the book, Nature's Perfect Food: How Milk Became America's Drink. While much of milk's praise has been built by government nutritionists and the American Dairy Council, the health benefits of milk are indeed evident. Continue reading...

1.Research proving cannabis kills cancer cells safely has been suppressed since 1974
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Published: 2 weeks ago
2.Do you know why women in china don’t get breast cancer?
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3.How to naturally ease painful arthritis symptoms
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4.Home remedies for yellow teeth
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5.Stress, depression and anxiety are all alleviated by probiotics
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6.Ginger: a natural alternative to aspirin
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7.The government shut her down when she turned 2 simple ingredients into a cure for cancer
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8.She removed her brown spots with this common ingredient. amazing!
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9.Drink this beverages before bedtime for amazing sleeping every night
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10.8 drinks to make before bed to detox your liver and burn fat all night long
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11.4 stories of extreme healing through food
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12.Doctors are shocked : this miracle drink can cure diabetes in just 5 days!
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13.Attention sushi lovers: tapeworm now found in u.s. salmon
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14.Cannabis company designs pain patch for fibromyalgia and nerve pain
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15.It will look and younger and brighter: here’s how to naturally lighten the color of the skin in just 3 days!
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18.Natural remedies and treatments for corns, calluses and cracked heels
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