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A lot of experts warn about the dangers of wearing one of the most popular and convenient footwear on the Planet – flip flops. Continue reading...

1.You will never suffer from cough or bronchitis again – a natural remedy for you and your child
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6.New disease: more deadly to women than aids, not even condoms can’t protect you !!!
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8.10 easy health hacks you should know
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9.How to prevent or reduce jet lag
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10.When your doctor suggests regular mammograms, this is what you need to say back
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12.Everything you need to know about every thyroid disorder: signs, symptoms, causes, treatments
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13.The russian govt. has decided to completely ban the use of any & all genetically modified ingredients in food production
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14.Cannabis oil cures 3 year old boy of cancer after doctors gave him 48 hours to live
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15.Chronic gas is your body trying to tell you something: here’s why you should never hold in a fart
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16.I put this in the corners of my house and the next day all the cockroaches were dead!
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