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Weight loss isn’t just a question of eating fewer calories and getting more exercise. It’s also about doing what you can to improve the way your body uses the nutrients you feed it. Continue reading...

1.14 most powerful natural antibiotics known to mankind
Views: 2,011
Published: 6 months ago
2.Ginger: a natural alternative to aspirin
Views: 2,689
Published: 7 months ago
3.Drink this to sleep 90 more minutes a night
Views: 1,903
Published: 7 months ago
4.5 signs your heart isn’t working as well as it should
Views: 6,914
Published: 8 months ago
5.This is what happens to your body when you drink coconut water on a daily basis!
Views: 3,534
Published: 8 months ago
6.What happens with your body when you stop smoking?
Views: 3,288
Published: 1 year ago
7.This ancient japanese technique kills stress in 5 minutes!
Views: 2,469
Published: 1 year ago
8.Coconut oil can make you look 10 years younger if you use it for 2 weeks this way
Views: 3,258
Published: 9 months ago
9.The critical differences between omega-3 fats from plants and marine animals
Views: 2,262
Published: 8 months ago
10.4 stories of extreme healing through food
Views: 1,485
Published: 11 months ago
11.This is what happens to your body when you consume okra every day
Views: 2,299
Published: 1 year ago
12.This is the murderer of obesity, with only a tablespoonful will go down 30 pounds in a month!
Views: 11,656
Published: 7 months ago
13.Study: statins do not lower cholesterol but increase cancer and memory loss risk
Views: 4,459
Published: 9 months ago
14.Government admits that cancer charities are a scam run by one family
Views: 1,648
Published: 1 year ago
15.Superfoods that destroy inflammation in your brain
Views: 2,386
Published: 1 year ago
16.Foods that will give you radiant and young looking skin
Views: 3,148
Published: 7 months ago
17.Breaking: report finds cancer deaths have doubled in argentina’s gmo growing regions
Views: 1,443
Published: 1 year ago
18.How to spot the signs of liver damage
Views: 4,854
Published: 9 months ago