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Bad news for couch potatoes and those of us chained to our office cubicles. We’ve been hearing for a while now that sitting is the new health villain to worry about, but lately the studies are really piling up. Continue reading...

1.Fat grams – how much fat should you eat per day?
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2.5 signs you have a strong personality that intimidates others!
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3.Natural recipe for removing uric acid from your joints!
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6.Study proves microwave radiation directly affects your heart – why you need to ditch your microwave oven
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7.Natural recipe of tibetan monks for white and strong teeth
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8.Missing this vitamin in your diet is causing you migraines and headaches
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9.Entire family dies after young woman makes a simple mistake in the kitchen
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10.Any type of cancer can be cured in just 2-6 weeks
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11.16 warning signs your liver is overloaded with toxins that are making you fat
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12.10 freaky ingredients found in mcdonald’s food that might just be unfit for human consumption
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13.How to put coconut oil in your hair to stop it from going gray, thinning or falling out
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14.Home remedies for glaucoma
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15.Take the 3 juice colon cleanse and flush pounds of toxins from your body
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16.Press this point for 1 minute and see what happens to your body. unbelievable!
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17.The most effective way to quit eating sugar that nobody ever talks about
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18.Burning sensation in feet – top 15 simple and efficient remedies
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