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Bad news for couch potatoes and those of us chained to our office cubicles. We’ve been hearing for a while now that sitting is the new health villain to worry about, but lately the studies are really piling up. Continue reading...

1.When you find out what is in mcdonalds french fries, you will be disgusted!
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2.10 relaxation techniques to reduce stress
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3.You smell sick: detecting illness by scent
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4.Ginger water for rapid weight loss – the healthiest drink that melts fat!
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5.Burning sensation in feet – top 15 simple and efficient remedies
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6.These 5 foot exercises can relieve uncomfortable back, hip and knee pain in minutes
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7.12 health ‘facts’ you have believed are actually misleading
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8.Fluoride damages the liver and kidneys, leading to cancer. here's how to get it out of your system!
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9.This fruit removes body odor better than cancer causing deodorant!
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10.Smokers should know this! these foods can cleanse the nicotine in your body
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11.Lines out the door for nation’s first organic drive-thru restaurant
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12.Chronic gas is your body trying to tell you something: here’s why you should never hold in a fart
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13.This is why you should wrap your joints in cabbage!
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14.The 2-ingredient homemade sauerkraut recipe that fights fat and inflammation
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15.This popular drink destroys your thyroid. do you drink it?
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16.This is a must read before ever using turmeric again
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17.Home remedies for glaucoma
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18.Eye-opening evidence: baking soda & coconut oil can kill cancer
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