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Millions of people across the country suffer from depression and insomnia. To crunch some numbers, it’s estimated that more than 15 million American adults struggle with depression, while at least 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. Continue reading...

1.Cinnamon and honey fights off colds, flu, acne, weight loss and more
Views: 1,444
Published: 11 months ago
2.The best sunscreens and the toxic ones to avoid (is yours on the list?)
Views: 1,929
Published: 9 months ago
3.Be careful! what are you buying: did you know what does the stickers on the fruits mean?
Views: 5,875
Published: 8 months ago
4.12 tricks to stay awake and alert without coffee
Views: 1,966
Published: 8 months ago
5.It was hard to snack healthy until i learned these 22 delicious metabolism-boosting ideas
Views: 3,210
Published: 5 months ago
6.Lead developer of hpv vaccines comes clean, warns parents & young girls it’s all a giant deadly scam
Views: 6,030
Published: 10 months ago
7.What you need to check when you buy bottled water
Views: 2,066
Published: 10 months ago
8.Do you know what can happen when you drinks coconut water for 14 days?
Views: 3,767
Published: 9 months ago
9.This is what happens to your body when you consume okra every day
Views: 2,295
Published: 1 year ago
10.Creamy, easy to make, sugar-free, dairy-free, coconut ice cream
Views: 3,971
Published: 8 months ago
11.Doctors are at a loss for words!! cinnamon turns out to be a natural substitute for insulin.
Views: 4,997
Published: 8 months ago
12.This common ingredient allows cancer cells to thrive inside your body
Views: 2,874
Published: 9 months ago
13.Roundup’s toxic chemical glyphosate, found in 100% of california wines tested
Views: 2,484
Published: 5 months ago
14.8 things your eyes are trying to tell you about your health
Views: 11,843
Published: 7 months ago
15.Using just 3 ingredients, make super healthy cookies with minimal effort. here’s how
Views: 4,389
Published: 11 months ago
16.DIY homemade natural toothpaste to keep your teeth and gums healthy
Views: 2,593
Published: 8 months ago
17.How to make relaxing magnesium water to get rid of headaches and muscle pain
Views: 4,406
Published: 7 months ago
18.How to use white vinegar to remove pesticides from your fruits and vegetables
Views: 2,899
Published: 7 months ago