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It is a common affair to ignore bedtime. A late night here and there is not a real matter of concern, but when you start skimping on sleep night after night, it becomes a real problem. Continue reading...

1.I took walking breaks every day at work for a month and here's what happened
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Published: 4 months ago
2.Transgenic wars — how gmos impact livestock and human health around the globe
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3.This is why you need to stop using vaseline!
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4.How to lose 8 kgs weight in 7 days
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5.This is what happens to your kidneys, skin and brain when you put on too much makeup
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6.The household spice that destroys cancer cells, helps rebuild the gut and prevent heart attacks
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7.If you want to make your liver 20+ years younger, just consume this fruit!
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8.Man loses 176 pounds in under a year by following these 3 steps
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9.Never buy laundry detergent again by switching to this natural 2-ingredient mixture
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10.How to tell if your eggs came from a sick chicken (plus how to find healthy eggs if they did)
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11.Osteoporosis is scurvy of the bone, not calcium deficiency
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12.Mix these 2 ingredients to remove pounds of toxins from your intestines!
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13.Pineapple and turmeric drink reverses cancer-causing inflammation and even beats the common cold!
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14.Decode your eye gunk - what your eyes are saying about your health
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15.14 reasons why you should drink lemon water first thing in the morning
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16.No more varicose veins, no join pains, no lack of memory, no headaches thanks to this leaf!
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17.The biggest cover-up in the history of cancer
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18.Organic ways to remove dark spots
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